Meet the Number One Club

Our No.1 Clubbers are a seriously impressive group—the best of the best. Here we’ll meet a few of our stand outs and discover their personal take on the No.1 Club experience.

Peter Hannosh
An eight-time No.1 Club qualifier, Peter knows that experience is everything.

Optus Division:

Customer Success

Working with Optus for:

15 years

How many times have you qualified for Number One Club?

I’ve qualified eight times! Sadly, I don’t qualify anymore, as I’m in a non-commissionable role , but I’ll always remember my time in the Number One Club fondly.

What does it mean to you to achieve Number One Club?

There’s always a feeling of excitement and anticipation in the lead up to qualifying… you think “have I done enough this year?” or “Who might also be in the running?”. I always hoped for the best. Ultimately, it’s a nice reward for a very hard year of work and sacrifice.

What’s the best thing about attending Number One Club?

In one word ‘exclusivity’, it truly is a money can’t buy experience. You will do things you will never do in your regular life. It’s not where you go or what you see, it’s the experience that Optus puts on. You do the best-of-the-best activities, stay at the best-of-the-best hotels, the best-of-the-best restaurants—it’s all about what you do when you get there… that’s what you will take away from it.

I really appreciate the care and craft Optus puts into these experiences—some of the activities aren’t available to the general public, they’ve been created just for us.

Any last words on Number One Club?

The people attending really are the best-of-the-best, and they have all worked really hard to get there. I appreciate that even our partners, who have also sacrificed a lot, are included. It’s a very rewarding feeling.