Terms and conditions

The minimum qualification criteria for the annual Optus Number One Club program is detailed below. Each BU or subsidiary can apply additional criteria that may not appear below (any additional criteria cannot reduce the minimum criteria stated below).

  1. All permanent Sales employees in sales commission roles are eligible to qualify for Number One Club. Customer Care in the NPS incentive program are not eligible for this program.
  2. The program runs from 1 April till 31 March each year in line with the company financial year.
  3. Participants who join after 1 July each year are not eligible for Number One Club in that financial year.
  4. Qualifiers must have been in an eligible role for a minimum of 9 months in the financial year and in an eligible role at the time of the event.
  5. Qualifiers require a performance rating of 1 or 2 in the year of qualification.
  6. To be eligible qualifiers must have met the minimum Pacesetters qualification criteria (except for point 5 above).
  7. The company reserves the right at any time to disqualify an employee from the program if the employee receives a written warning, breaches company policies, procedures, values, or is found guilty of serious or wilful misconduct.
  8. An invitation to attend Number One Club is for the employee and their partner (minimum age requirement is 18, no children can attend the event). Number One Club places are non-transferable and cannot be postponed to future years. Inability to attend does not qualify the member for compensation in part or whole for the value of the reward foregone. Qualifiers must be in continuing employment at the time of the event.
  9. Number 1 Club qualifiers will be invited to attend the Annual Gala Dinner
  10. Optus reserves the right to make changes to the published program, including dates and destination, for operational/safety reasons.
  11. A fixed number of places will be allocated by Business Unit. Final selections for Number One Club will be at the discretion of the relevant BU Managing Director and VP, HR, Optus.
  12. Qualifiers must be employed by Optus at the time of the event.
The VP, P&C, Optus in consultation with the relevant Managing Director will be the arbiter on any disputes regarding the rules of the program.