Working with purpose

We’ve all heard how important purpose is to both organisations and people. But as work changes and the world evolves, purpose has renewed importance… to motivate, to engage hearts and minds, and to ensure we continue to attract and retain the best people.

Purpose plays an essential role in accomplishing these goals.

Our purpose at Optus is to Power optimism with options. We’re all about creating connections—wherever and whenever they’re needed. Providing people with options to make these connections is critical, because options create a more inclusive and optimistic world for us all.  

Our purpose is underpinned by our distinctive strengths—who we are when we’re at our best—which include embodying our challenger spirit, leveraging and combining our individual skills and strengths, exploring what’s possible beyond the ordinary, and enabling the connections that really matter for our customers. 

And of equal importance, our purpose is fuelled by focussing on ways we will be better—a firm commitment to growth and improvement to deliver our best to each other and to our customers. We do this by continually challenging ourselves, by anticipating and simplifying customer experiences, by empowering everyone in our business, and by always thinking one step ahead. 

But we’re more than just words… purpose requires action. Each one of our purpose attributes are supported by a set of behaviours, that when in full force help our business to fully realise our purpose of powering optimism with options. This is what will make our customers say ‘Yes’.